Application Form 2017

Show History

The Okanagan Artisans Guild was first established in 1979 by several artisans from the Vernon area. The purpose of the guild was to provide support to artists and artisans who were trying to make a living from their craft.

It was decided that there needed to be a high quality show at which they could display and sell their work; also giving the public a chance to appreciate the talent and high quality craftsmanship available in the area.

The first show was held at the Vernon Recreation Centre. It later moved to the ballrooms at the Vernon Lodge, where the special atmosphere provides both the artisans and the public with a comfortable venue, as well as an attractive backdrop for the displays.

The Okanagan Artisans Guild is dedicated to continuing this tradition; and to showcasing artisans and locally handcrafted, quality arts and crafts.
Show Information

Vernon Lodge and Conference Centre
3914 32nd Street (Highway 97N), Vernon, BC

Show Dates & Times
November 24 & 25, 2017
Friday, 12 noon - 8:00pm & Saturday, 9:30am - 3:30pm

Jury Process
This show is successful because of its reputation for high quality, built over many years and which the Okanagan Artisans Guild strives to maintain.

Preference is given based on quality, craftsmanship, originality, display; and to those who choose this as their exclusive show in Vernon.

All artisans are required to go through a jury process. All items must be handcrafted by the artisan vendor, and be of first quality (no seconds). Imports and imports embellished by you will not be accepted. No agents allowed.
All applicants must include three photographs of their work. First time participants should also include a photo of their booth/display. You may be asked to submit an actual example of your work.
If you have attended the show before and are introducing new items, an example must be submitted for the jury process.

Your Booth & Display
Your booth must be attended by you at all times.
You may not sub-let your booth.
All booths are expected to be well-presented.
Display advertisements for other shows at your booth are not welcome.
Table/s must be skirted to the floor in an appropriate, quality fabric. Tables, with or without skirting, can be provided. All packing materials, boxes, etc., must be out of sight by show time.
No attachments to Vernon Lodge walls allowed.

Your Booth - Lighting
YOU WILL NEED LIGHTING. Bring your own extension cord/s and lighting. Please consider using LED light bulbs.

Advertising & Promotion
The OAG purchases advertising with local radio, newspapers, Facebook and Instagram. Extensive marketing and promotion is also done in the areas of print media, radio, TV, Internet, direct e-mailing and poster/flyer distribution.  
Facebook, Instagram and social networking forms part of the campaign. Please submit your photos for posting.
Posters and flyers for printing, for your own promotional use and distribution, will be made available to you via the OAG website. 

Tea, Coffee & Meals
The OAG provides complimentary teas, coffee and cookies, in the kitchen area, for participants’ refreshment. Please bring your own mug. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep this area clean.
Vernon Lodge staff will deliver menus and meals to you at your booth, if you wish.

Tax & Insurance
Sales tax must be collected in accordance with the law. You are required to hold your own public liability insurance policy.

Confirmation & Cancellation
For cancellations received before October 31, 50% of the fee will be refunded. No refunds after October 31.

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Contact:  Susan Richards
Telephone:  250-545-4757
Contact:  Susan Richards
Telephone:  250-545-4757
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Okanagan Artisans Guild
Show & Sale
November 24 & 25, 2017
Vernon Lodge
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